White Nintendo 3DS XL Slated for Australia in December (Updated!)

Nintendo's dreaming of a White Christmas!

Nintendo Australia has confirmed today that a limited edition white Nintendo 3DS will go on sale in Australia in December.

From December 6, Australians will be able to purchase a Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS XL White in one of two editions: one comes packed with Mario Kart 7 pre-loaded, the other with Super Mario 3D Land.

Nintendo are keeping silent on how many units will be available in Australia, but since it’s launching dangerously close to Christmas, this might be your only chance to nab an Aussie model for some time.

Also mysteriously absent from the press release was an RRP for the limited editions. For reference, a standard Nintendo 3DS XL is going for in Australia AU$229. We’re following up with an RRP for the limited edition models and will update when we hear back.

Check out the pack shots of the models below! Are you keen to go white this Christmas? Let us know!

Nintendo 3DS XL White

Nintendo 3DS XL White


Nintendo have confirmed to Aussie-Gamer the RRP of the limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL White bundles is AU$269.95.

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