Wii U Game Discs Are… Magical

Beautiful moulded edges appear on Wii U Game Discs

With Nintendo’s new console release just weeks away, news about the Wii U is flooding onto the internet. Even the game discs are newsworthy.

And that’s because they’re special. It seems Nintendo have taken a leaf out of Apple’s book of “make things better for no practical reason”. Website Engadget was first to point out that the Wii U’s game discs have specially sculpted edges.

Nintendo aren’t using Bluray like the PlayStation 3, nor are they using DVD like the Xbox 360 – these are specifically made discs just for Wii U which should put a halt to piracy. To that end, Nintendo have moulded the edges of each disc which makes them easier to hold.

Engadget described the discs as;

It’s as if the folks at Nintendo took sandpaper to every edge of every disc, making them all the more friendly to the touch. It’s a little detail, but it’s a nice one.

The website also posted images like the one below that shows a comparison between the Wii U disc (right) and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 discs. You can check out more images in the source link below.

Wii U Disc

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