Wii U Virtual Console Now Available in Australia

Download all the classics!

Nintendo has launched the much anticipated Virtual Console service onto Wii U consoles across Australia and Europe.

The service was made available to North America users overnight.

Nintendo’s Virtual Console allows its users to purchase and download classic games from past generations, including but not limited to iconic titles such as Super Mario Bros. for NES and Super Metroid for Super Nintendo.

Below is the full list of available games for Australians, with prices accurate at time of writing.

  • Super Mario World – $10.40AUD
  • F-Zerio – $10.40AUD
  • Mario’s Super Picross – $10.40AUD
  • Donkey Kong Jr. – $6.50AUD
  • Excitebike – $6.50AUD
  • Ice Climber – $6.50AUD
  • Punch-Out!! – $6.50AUD

Kirby’s Adventure is still available for download as part of the trail campaign, though like Ballon Flight isn’t apart of the official Virtual Console line-up. For your chance to snatch it up you better download quickly.

If you already purchased any of the above on the Wii’s Virtual Console you will need to re-purchases them, albeit at a reduced price. Super Nintendo titles are reduced down from $10.40AUD down to $1.95AUD, whereas Nintendo Entertainment System titles go from $6.50AUD to $1.30AUD.

Nintendo has also launched its Panorama View application. This allows you to view places all around the world in a way that make you as if you’re really there. Each experience is $2.50AUD.

With the Virtual Console finally available on Wii U, what will you download first? Let us hope Nintendo can keep a steady stream of new titles rolling in.

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  • Emeffy

    What the hell is up with those prices? Australia Tax strikes again…

  • Daniel

    If these games were cheaper, e.g: 2-5 dollars, id buy them, but $10? That’s a tad too much for games that came out years ago.

    • Jayden Williams

      Would go out and purchase a 20 year old movie on BluRay at full price?

      • Daniel

        If i liked the movie enough. The thing is is that Nintendo continuously sells all downloadable games at a higher price than what they should be in Australia because of taxes and higher living rates. Also, a 20yr old movie on bluray has been enhanced whereas old nintendo games have no real enhancements (as far as i know). All i’m trying to say is that I think they’re charging too much compaired to other services (psn, steam)

        • http://www.facebook.com/brad.long.1238 Brad Long

          No enhancements like Off-TV play, Miiverse integration, restore points or button customisation, then?

          • Daniel

            As I said, as far as I knew. If I wanted the game enough, sure id buy it. But for games i’m only going to play every once in a while, i’ll pass. I’m just gonna wait for the gamecube titles to come out.

          • http://www.facebook.com/brad.long.1238 Brad Long

            That’s fine :) I’m of the opinion that people should know about these features. A lot of people don’t know about them and are quick to judge the pricing of Virtual Console titles.

  • Bf210984

    i totally agree, these prices are ridiculous, and the fact that there are only 7 titles at launch is extremely lackluster

  • Mister

    I was getting ready to buy Super Mario World, however 10.40 is way to much.

    • Jayden Williams

      You’re right, a mere $10 is too much to ask for a game that sells for up to 3/4 times as much on eBay.

      And if you don’t own a SNES that’s another potential $50+ you’ll need to spend just to play the game.

      (and if you already own the game and the console, then why do you need to buy it on the VC?)

  • Mister


  • http://www.facebook.com/nickwpearce Nick Pearce

    I agree, way too expensive… i will pick up the next few .30 games but not many after that, they will need to have sales on these cause its too much. nes should be $3, GBA, $5, Snes, $6, N64 $8 and GameCube $12.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brad.long.1238 Brad Long

    Pricing is actually in line with Nintendo of Europe, look out for my feature soon!