Worlds First Wii U Video Game Website Goes Live

When Nintendo launch the Nintendo Wii U this year, internet penetration of our lives will be the highest it has been since video games first hit the market back in the 70’s.

It’s fitting, then, that Nintendo Wii U games start to open their own websites, which is exactly what has happened for LEGO City: Undercover – the Nintendo exclusive game heading to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

As it happens, the website right now doesn’t have a whole lot of new information on it – the trailer on the home page is the one shown at E3 this year – but it sure is comforting to see Wii U marketing efforts beginning to churn out.

LEGO City: Undercover was the first video game to be announced by Nintendo for Wii U back in 2010 and is being developed by Tt Games and published by Nintendo. The game puts you in the blocky shoes of Chase McCain, an undercover cop on a mission to end LEGO City’s crime wave – the main goal is to arrest arch nemesis Rex Fury and bring down his empire of crime.

LEGO City itself is a massive, open sandbox world filled with hilarity. You will be able to work as various characters, such as a construction worker or a fire fighter in order to complete various missions. There will also be over 100 different vehicles on offer – cars, bikes, helicopters, etc – to get you around the massive city.

It is safe to say that LEGO City: Undercover will launch alongside Nintendo Wii U when it hits stores this “holiday season”.

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  • Richard Roberts

    It may be the big kid in me but this game looks like so much fun. A welcome break from the ‘gritty’ and the ‘grey’ miiiiight be a day 1 for me