Review: Bird Mania 3D (Nintendo 3DS)

Review: Bird Mania 3D (Nintendo 3DS)

The Nintendo 3DS’ built-in eShop is quickly filling up with all kinds of titles for the gamer on the go, despite what his tastes may be.

One of the latest offerings is the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Bird Mania 3D – a colourful, budget friendly side scrolling dodge-em-up from development studio Teyon.

But is the game worth the low price of admission and, more importantly, your time?

The Review

Bird Mania 3D is an interesting little title on the eShop. It has the graphical quality one would expect from a “social” mobile phone game, but none of the social gaming features other titles carry. It it bright and colourful, easy to understand and play, but hard to master.

The game itself is simple; you play as a bird who must continuously fly in the right-hand direction, collecting stars, dodging trees and killing other, enemy birds. The goal, of course, is to keep bettering your high score.

The main problem with the game is that it’s too simple; there are no levels (though, each time you die in the game you re-spawn in a different section of the one large level, keeping you on your toes) and only one mode. For those with the patience, there’s a list of achievements on offer which range from the fairly easy-to-obtain to the neigh on impossible.

Bird Mania 3D

You just can’t help but feel that this game would be hundreds of times better if they included an online leader board, as the “High Score” table will quickly fill up with only your name, as the pre-loaded staff times are somewhat ridiculous.

Still, at AU$3 (US$1.99 for some reason), it gets points for being budget conscious, and the game’s patentent mechanics of try-and-die-and-try-again are embarrassingly addictive. It helps, too, that the game loads quickly and plays silky smooth making it the perfect title for those train rides to work in the morning.

Just don’t expect a blockbuster.

Bird Mania 3D

Bird Mania 3D
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