Crysis 3

Ty February 27th, 2013 at 12:00 pm

The Crysis series is known for its beautiful graphics and Crysis 3 is no different.

But are games really all about the pretty pictures? Or can they also deliver a rewarding, engrossing experience at the same time?

We explore Crysis 3, published by EA Games, to find out if modern first-person shooters can rise above the “point and shoot” mentality of recent games in the genre.

The Review

Unlike the ever increasing pile of First-Person Shooters that are littering the video game industry, Crysis 3 brings something new to the table without putting too much emphasis on style.

That’s not to say Crysis 3 doesn’t look beautiful. It is the most visually impressive game to hit PlayStation 3 in terms of scope. Often is the case, however, that visuals take prominence over the story telling or the gameplay.

Thankfully, Crysis 3 bucks that trend. As the story progresses, you will feel like you’ve gotten to know the characters well and even emphasise with their flights. The story concerns the CELL Corporation and the Alpha-Ceph. Beyond that, I’ll let you play the game for yourself to fully enjoy the storyline. There are many twists and turns and sci-fi lovers will appreciate the top quality storytelling.

Crysis 3

During the game, you will have access to new weapons and abilities. The inclusion of the “Predator Bow” means Prophet can now down his foes while remaining cloaked. The catch is that ammo is rather limited (but retrievable from corpses), but it is a great weapon to get you out of a jam.

And you will find yourself in those jams quite often. Enemies are fierce and frequent; they all have guns and know how to use them. Often is the case with these games that one is tempted to run and shoot their way through the level but here that’s a recipe for disaster.

Weapons and the Nanosuit can be upgraded along the way, too and Crysis 3 has a hugely rewarding customisation system. Want to equip a silencer but keep your reflex sights? Do so on the fly with a couple of button presses. Customisation feels great and even though you know deep down that the level could be completed no matter what kind of gun or ammo you’re using, being able to choose makes it feel that much more special.

Crysis 3

Crysis fans will know all about the Nanosuit which of course returns in Crysis 3. This time it has been upgraded to “Nanosuit 2.0” and features tonnes of tweaks and updates.

The Nanosuit is a great element to the game because it gives an excuse for all the HUD elements to exist, sucking the player even more into the fantastic story as it unfolds. While playing through the levels, players have the ability to change the suits’ functions. For example, if you need to cloak to sneak around, tap a button. Using cloak will drain the suits’ energy, though, so you’ll have to decide when the best time is to use it. Energy is also used for the suits’ “Maximum Armour” mode, which protects Prophet from attacks.

Crysis 3 is slathered in gorgeous presentation from the moment you boot up the disc.

There are many upgrades to the Nanosuit to be found as you progress. Elements like “Energy Upgrade” and “Threat Detector” allow you to customise the suit to appeal to your preferred method of operation. The best part is that these are all interchangeable at any time and you can save your favourite combinations for quick swapping later on.

To suggest the level progression in Crysis 3 is “non-linear” would be incorrect, but the game is more traditional in that there is still some merit left in having large, open maps with a handful of hidden items scattered around for those who can be bothered searching for them. In that sense, Crysis 3 feels a lot like Metroid Prime or GoldenEye 64 rather than Call of Duty where there’s practically a red carpet laid out for you to follow. For us older gamers, this is a welcome change from the trigger-happy modern shooters we’ve all come accustomed to.

Crysis 3

While going solo is certainly well worth your time, multiplayer in Crysis 3 is just as rewarding.

Crysis 3 offers up eight different multiplayer modes across twelve maps. Some modes are better than others, such as “Hunter” which pits two players with unlimited cloak and armed with silent Bows against a team of CELL Operative, but all are loads of fun and packed full of action.

The balance in multiplayer should be commended. While many modern FPS titles rely on the promise of team-mates actually working together, Crysis 3 knows this is a pipe dream and doesn’t penalise the experience when everyone in the game wants to go it alone.

There are many elements in multiplayer to make the game more interesting, such as the ability to take control of the Pinger and VTOL — giant robot mechas that have the ability to lay waste to the entire arena. Many items are able to be thrown around, too — there is nothing more satisfying than beating your rival by hurling a burnt out car or sign post at his head.

Crysis 3 is slathered in gorgeous presentation from the moment you boot up the disc. Graphics are amazing, though there is some framerate issues in some animation in solo mode. The fantastic blend of urban and jungle warfare as New York City is steeped in overgrowth after the alien attack is deliciously unique.

Crysis 3

The game’s soundtrack is futuristic and sound sublime in surround, and for the true home theatre enthusiasts, the game has a 3D display option that works well, however is unable to be “toggled off” unless you exit out of the game and do so from the main menu.

Crysis 3 is truly a rich, rewarding experience that no gamer worth his salt should avoid.

Crysis 3
About our scores
Crysis 3 is packed full of style and while there are some presentation issues, fans are sure to love the action
  • + Beautiful graphics
  • + Interesting story
  • + Rock solid gameplay
  • - Some animation issues
  • - No toggle switch for 3D mode
  • - Mixed-bag multiplaer

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