Mighty Switch Force! 2

Jayden Williams July 17th, 2013 at 11:47 am

Mighty Switch Force! 2 sees the return of Patricia Wagon, who has hung up her police uniform and taken up the career of a fire fighter.

Armed with nothing but a water hose and her ability to “switch” certain types of blocks, it’s up to Wagon to rescue survivors from the burning inferno which threatens to ingulf her city. Though, that proves to more trouble than it may be worth as numerous obstacles stand in her way.

For fans wondering how much Mighty Switch Force! 2 deviates from its predecessor, rest easy knowing that the answer is; not all that much. This is by no means bad, as the game injects just the right amount of ‘new’ to warrant your time and money.

The biggest change lies in Wagon’s career change from cop to fire fighter. Hanging up her trusty laser-gun, she now sports a water hose which grants her the ability to defeat enemies and of course, dose flames.

At first it can be a little jarring using the hose, in place of the laser-gun, due to its unique and dynamic nature. Water is shot out organically when you press down on the corresponding button, meaning it trickles out before reaching full pressure opposed to say, coming out at full pressure straight away. Also, its range is limited to just a few steps in front of Wagon.

However, the further into the game you get the more you’ll come to rely on this new weapon as Mighty Switch Force! 2 begins to make you use it more and more. From platforms with fire that need to be first extinguished, and the all-new “switch” block types that navigates your water stream to normally unreachable places; you’ll come heavily rely on the hose.

Mighty Switch Force! 2

My only reservation is the limited potential of this weapon choice. The puzzle types which arise from this new mechanic mesh perfectly with the various puzzle combinations carried over from the original, I’m left wondering how long WayForward can continue exploiting this particular Switch universe. This is of course based on the assumption a Mighty Switch Force! 3 would simply introduce a new weapon to use.

Everything else about Mighty Switch Force! 2 is as it was before. The bouncy and infectious soundtrack (now with dubstep!) is better than ever, platforming is just as tight and responsive as before and the sprite-based characters and sharp, vibrant visuals pop on the Nintendo 3DS’ top screen.

And for better or worse, that same level of frustration which creeped up on you from playing Mighty Switch Force! makes a return. It’s good that WayForward has gone out of their way to make Mighty Switch Force! 2 challenging, especially since it only includes 16 stages — most which can be cleared in under five minutes — as this creates a sense of longevity that game would otherwise lack.

Though when you come to the last few stages you’ll literally want to snap your handheld in half. The methodical approach you need to take to overcoming some of the more complex puzzles found in the game works against your furious desire to beat the Par score on each stage, not to mention finding the hidden baby (yep).

The Verdict

Coming off the success of its predecessor, Mighty Switch Force! 2 gives us more of the same with just a dash of shiny ‘new’. It’ll be up to you to whether you’re happy to dish out a couple of dollars for arguably the same experience, albeit with a new weapon and new puzzle types.

That said, there’s no doubt that Mighty Switch Force! 2 is an exceptionally well made game. It knows what it’s good at, and does it brilliantly.

Mighty Switch Force! 2
About our scores
Mighty Switch Force! 2 delivers fans more of the same, with just the right amount of new to perhaps spark interest
  • + Puzzles are still challenging and fun
  • + Fluid, responsive platforming
  • + Soundtrack is still awesome
  • - More of the same
  • - Still very short
  • - You will rage-quit a lot

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