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Ty April 20th, 2011 at 12:05 pm

Australian’s have finally gotten their hands on the latest title in the Pilotwings series, making it the first game to be released for the Nintendo 3DS after the system launched.

Developed from the creative brain of Shigeru Miyamoto, the guru behind the Mario and Zelda series, does Pilotwings Resort soar to new heights? Or is it destined to crash and burn?

The Review

Pilotwings Resort takes your Mii and straps it to one of three selectable aircrafts; either a Plane, Hang Glider or Rocket Belt (jet pack) and sends it off on various missions in the familiar Wuhu Isalnd – the location in the hugely popular Wii Sports Resort game. While the island does look and feel expansive, more locations would have been a great inclusion.

The feeling of flying around at various speeds is extremely realistic, but not to the extent of a in depth flight simulator. 3D mode helps a lot with the visuals and it’s amazing to explore the island and soak up the sights. Missions range from attempting a perfect landing, to flying through hoops to collect points. The mission mode will keep players entertained for around 10 – 20 hours, especially completionists who like perfect scores.

Pilotwings Resort is a finely polished game which, unfortunately, lacks real depth. This style of casual game play will be extremely familiar to fans of the “Wii [insert something here]” titles. Extremely fun and great for short bursts of gameplay.

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Pilotwings first appeared on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1992. The game was a launch title in the US (’91) and served to show off the graphical capabilities of the system. The game spawned a sequel in 1996 called “Pilotwings 64” which marked the first time the game was rendered in 3D.

The series has remained true to it’s original roots; a simple flight simulator that shows off vast locations and has an emphasis on exploration. Since the Nintendo 64 game, a sequel has been rumoured – first in the form of another Nintendo 64 title (which began development in 1997 though was later cancelled), and then on Nintendo GameCube and even Nintendo Wii. Pilotwings Resort for Nintendo 3DS is the third title in the series.

The original Pilotwings is downloadable from the Nintendo Wii Shop via the Virual Console.


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Pilotwings Resort
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Pilotwings Resort is a finely polished game which, unfortunately, lacks real depth.
  • + Extremely fun
  • + Realistic feeling of flight
  • + Great for "short bursts" of game play
  • - Short
  • - Pretty easy to complete
  • - No online/StreetPass features

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