A hardware launch just wouldn’t be the same without the historic “Ridge Racer” franchise showing up, and Nintendo 3DS proudly displays this gaming tradition with Ridge Racer 3D.

So how does a next-generation Ridge Racer stand on Nintendo’s new power house? With the 3D slider turned all the way up, we endeavour to find out.

The Review

Ridge Racer 3D features a huge variety of tracks, cars and game modes. Cars can be upgraded with points you win through winning races used as currency, so coming in first place is a must for completionists. Ridge Racer 3D’s track designs rely heavily on epic drift manoeuvres through tight corners which, for the first time in a very long time, are actually loads of fun to pull off.

Another interesting element for racing lovers is the use of the rival cars “slip stream” for extra speed. This involves tracking the move of your rival to take advantage of his speed to eventually overtake him. Namco have left out an online multiplayer mode (though it supports local wireless), but makes up for it with a huge amount of tracks and race modes. StreetPass is used to share ghost data among other 3DS owners which is a nice feature. 3D is perfectly suited to the racing genre as it gives you a better idea of the distance between you and the upcoming bend which means you can pull off better cornering moves with 3D switched on. The feeling of speed is also conveyed very well, especially with 3D enabled.

One unsatisfying aspect of the game is the cars can sound somewhat tinny, but all in all the soundtrack is fairly decent. You can choose what “track” or “disc” to play throughout the race which is a nice feature. The Nintendo 3DS’ “surround sound” is used remarkably well. All in all, Ridge Racer 3D is a must have title for anyone’s Nintendo 3DS.

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