Some rumours you think “ah, cool”. Others, you think “that’s obviously not true”. And then there’s this one which just has us thinking “… what?.”

Website GoNintendo is reporting that an anonymous source has told them that rapper Eminem will appear at E3 to introduce a new hardcore, Wii U exclusive Nintendo game. The game will apparently be called “Acid Ghost” and will actually be published by Nintendo, aimed at an older audience.

According to the rumour, a Californian marketing agency teamed up with Nintendo to promote the game, which features the star playing the game in the video. The video has already been filmed and is currently in post production.

Apparently another (or maybe the same) anonymous source also detailed some of the features of the game. Acid Ghost is said to be in development by Kuju Entertainment and was originally intended to be published by Konami for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game, according to the “anonymous source”, takes place on a cruise ship. Players take the form of an invisible ghost and must haunt the passengers on the ship.

In all honesty, the game sounds a lot like a new version of the GameCube title Geist which is why we’re not taking it too seriously. Still, E3 isn’t too far away.

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Ty Miller

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