E3 is next week! And there is so much speculation running around, it’s hard to keep up. The latest from the Sony camp is that E3 is going to be a platform to revamp the luke warm PlayStation Plus service.

The report comes from Eurogamer who cited “multiple sources” that told them that Sony will be unveiling a “revamped” PlayStation Plus service to help entice more people to sign up to the premium service.

Apart from giving subscribers “top tier games for free”, the only other detail from the report was that it will have “proper” integration with PlayStation Vita. Other speculation is cloud storage for PlayStation Vita and the ability to purchase PlayStation Network games from your PC to download onto the console.

It’s probably too soon to be hoping for a PlayStation 4 announcement, but Sony have a lot of convincing to do at next weeks’ E3; the PlayStation Vita isn’t selling too hotly, PlayStation 3 is taking another backseat to Xbox 360 and some highly anticipated games for this year have been pushed back to 2013.

Hopefully this PlayStation Plus announcement, if true, is enough to prop up Sony’s console for the rest of the year.

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