Rumour: Retro Developing HD Starfox Title for Nintendo Wii U

May 10th, 2012 at 9:39 am

Every Nintendo fanboy worth his salt have been dying for a new game in the Starfox series. The famous sci-fi shooter was the first game to ever appear in 3D on the Super Nintendo, and the series has been dripping with innovation ever since.

Nintendo Wii sadly missed out on any Starfox love, for whatever reason – actually, the Wii version has long been rumoured. Now a new rumour has appeared claiming that the makers of Metroid Prime and more recently Donkey Kong Country Returns, Retro Studios, is developing a Nintendo Wii U version for the upcoming console.

The rumour was spurred on by website TechTroid. They claim an “inside source” told them about the game’s development, but (surprise!), no actual source was given. Here’s what they said;

“An inside source close to the folks here at Techtroid has suggested we may be seeing a Starfox reveal at E3 this year, along with the already announced Pikmin and Mario games.”

Oooh, an inside source! Well, TechTroid – I’ll see your inside source and raise you a REAL Nintendo Producer.

Fact or Fiction?

Ah, TechTroid – we really loved your linkbait, but sadly someone has already beaten you to the punch. This is Starfox after all – it’s not some crummy iPhone game. If you’re looking to whip up rumours, you have to be quick!

Last year, website IGN had a quick chat with Katsuya Eguchi – the Nintendo producer who has worked on many, many projects including Super Mario Bros. 3, Wii Sports and the unreleased Starfox 2. He hinted at a Starfox game for Wii U way back in June, 2011;

“I think the way we get around those challenges that you mention is, we look at a franchise and find out what’s right for that franchise, utilizing the HD. For example, you saw the HD Zelda demo at the briefing, and how detailed and graphically awesome that looked. So that’s something you can see in a Zelda game. Or for Metroid or Starfox, we could do something really cool, bring those out a little bit more. For games like the New Super Mario Brothers Mii that was also shown… Because that game uses the Mii characters, we’re able to really bring out those details, so that while you’re playing the game, even though your character looks very small, you still know which one you are. So there are different ways of utilizing HD.”

Now that’s pretty easy to take out of context – the reply was aimed at a question about how HD could actually be used effectively with established franchises. But that doesn’t change the fact that he used the words “Metroid” and “Starfox” in the same sentence!

There is a little more meat to this rumour, though. Retro have said themselves (apparently) that the next game they’re working on is “something everyone wants (them) to do”. Starfox has been the general consensus, but F Zero has also made the rounds.

Retro are certainly working on something – they’ve recently added a list of employment opportunities on their website.

In fact, Starfox is such a well loved series, that Shigeru Miyamoto himself has publically stated in the past that he would like to see a new game in the series for Wii. Of course, that was back in 2006, but it’s not too hard to imagine that the game has been in development for a few years already, meaning it could actually be a launch title for Wii U.

So this rumour boils down to this: there MAY be a Starfox game appearing at E3 in a few weeks time. Retro are making something from an established franchise; something that requires a few more staff. And it’s not like Starfox hasn’t been hired out to another studio in the past.

We think Techtroid (and IGN, and anyone with a brain) may be onto something. But it’s hard to believe that anyone from Nintendo has walked up to them and dropped this bombshell, and nothing else. Slip this one in the “likely” pile, but not because of anything an anonymous source has said.

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