A batch of registered domain names have given rise to the theory that Sega are working on a follow up to the popular GameCube/DreamCast title Sonic Adventure 2.

Website TSSZ discovered that French web hosting company 1&1 Internet has registered a series of domain URLs that surround “Sonic Adventure 3”.

It’s not uncommon to see game publishers scoop up Internet domains for unannounced titles, but it is uncommon to see domains concerning a popular gaming icon being purchased in bulk with no information on who’s doing the buying.

The domains in question are; sonicadventure3.com, sonicadventure3.net, sonicadventure3.org, sonicadventure3.info, sonicadventure3.fr and sonicadventure3.eu.

Typically publishers don’t try to hide the fact they’re buying up domains. It’s mostly a cautionary measure to protect their intellectual properties. In the past, Sega have  registered domains for Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Generations and Sonic 4 before they were officially announced, and each ended up actually existing.

But those domains were held under the company, EuroDNS and not 1&1. Put any of them into the URL bar in your browser and it takes you to a seemingly normal page, not at all suggesting a connection with Sega (you’ll need to use Google Translate as the site is in French). So the question becomes not so much ‘why’, but ‘who’.

It’s also interesting to note that all of these domains have been registered between the 17th and 22nd of April this year.


It’s difficult to say either way, but I’ve got to call ‘false’ on this one. At least for now.

It might be convincing that the domains have been registered for a few months now and no one at Sega has demanded them taken down. Then again the publisher just might not care and someone is just sitting on the domains thinking they can sell them off at a later stage.

The only sort of validity I can really argue is with the HD remake of Sonic Adventure 2 due out soon, Sega might be getting us ready for an official reveal sometime before the end of 2012. That is if you want to read too much into it.

Despite that, it all just doesn’t sit right. Sega, and other major publishers, don’t keep this sort of thing a secret. Sega has always been known to use the company EuroDNS so why would they change to someone else and make it all anonymous? They weren’t terribly concerned with everyone knowing they’d registered domains for games that were actually in development in the past.

If it all turned out to be true however, and Sonic Adventure 3 was really in development, what would direction would you guys like to see the game take? Or do you think it would be a bad move for Sega?

Keep it locked to Aussie-Gamer for future updates on this.

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Jayden Williams

Jayden Williams

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  • Laura

    Go Jayden! Great first article!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jaydenjshuen Jayden Scott Paul Williams

      Hi Laura,

      Thanks for reading!!! =D

  • Hail_Dixon

    I could certainly go for Sonic Adventure 3. SA2 is one of my favourite Sonic games and I’ll be buying the HD remake so I hope the rumours are true.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jaydenjshuen Jayden Scott Paul Williams

      Mine too, a lot of people praise the first one, but I honestly think SA2 to be the better game.

      I’m looking forward to the HD remake, and expect a review one it comes out.

  • sonikuu

    I hope for chao garden, that will definitely give it the Sonic Adventure feeling!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jaydenjshuen Jayden Scott Paul Williams

      I cannot say how much time I sank into the gardens!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=742637917 Luke Kyo Reichmuth

    Didnt they want to reboot the series in 2013? The last time SA3 popped up, it was the project title for the 06 reboot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jaydenjshuen Jayden Scott Paul Williams

      Hey Luke,

      I never heard of Sega wanting to reboot. Where did you read this? I can look into!

    • EamonX

      Well Sonic Adventure 2 ‘universe’ was continued with Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 2006. Sonic 2006 wasn’t a reboot as far as I know. How we know this is from Shadow, Rouge and E-123 Omega. This trio existed from Sonic Heroes and E-123 was in Shadow the hedgehog.

      A Sonic Adventure 3, hopefully, would start an alternate ‘universe’ to the one continued by Heroes, Shadow, and ’06.

  • EamonX

    Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 are the two greatest 3D Sonic games in history and I will not have the adventure series and my childhood memories soiled by SEGA’s current bland creativity.

    Sonic Generations was the first decent entry since SA2 but that was mainly due to nostalgia and level ideas were directly from old games.

    As for story, personally, I think Sonic Adventure 3 should be a direct sequel to Sonic Adventure 2 and not follow the trainwreck of a storyline that went through Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 2006. I.e. make Sonic Adventure 3 SEPARATE from those disasters.

    Also, SEGA should not be tasked with development. They should outsource it to another developer. To be honest, I’m not sure which developer would be able to bring back the magic of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 but I’m pretty sure that have to be developers out there that are big fans of the Adventure series. Perhaps development of SA3 should be outsourced to Yuji Naka’s own company.

    As for playable characters. I think we should keep a Hero, Dark and Last storyline.

    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Amy for Hero Story.
    Shadow, Eggman, Rouge & Blaze for Dark Story.
    Everyone, Super Sonic, Super Shadow for Last Story.

    Jun Sunoue and Crush 40 HAVE to be in charge of soundtrack.

    Me personally, I would have SA3’s story loosely based on the Metarex arc of Sonic X anime. It had a decent story and since half of SA2 was based on the Ark in space, it would only be natural for the entirety of Sonic Adventure 3 to be based in space with levels existing on planets.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jaydenjshuen Jayden Scott Paul Williams

      Some fantastic ideas there EamonX! Jun and Crush have pumped out some excellent tunes for past games, so their return would be welcomed

    • supersaiyanbardock

      Blaze is not a villian, she should be a hero character.

      • EamonX

        Dark story doesn’t necessarily mean villains, it means that the characters could be anti-heroes too and I’ve always seen Blaze as more of an anti-hero in comparison with Sonic.

  • supersaiyanbardock

    I hope its true & I hope they bring free roam back XD

  • SonicWarrior

    This really shouldn’t happen. Sonic is getting better, a Sonic Adventure 3 would tarnish all of that, to be honest….