Remember that massive social network that thought it was a video game console back in the mid-to-late 2000’s? Well, lately a whole bunch of companies are migrating away from Facebook games, but it seems EA still have a soft spot for the good old days.

EA CEO John Riccitiello told CNBC Mad Money host Jim Kramer overnight that the company will launch a big social game on the Facebook platform “a month from today”. While the name of that title wasn’t revealed, there’s mounting evidence that the game is actually SimCity.

It’s probably ideal to point out that, should it actually be a SimCity game, it’s unlikely to be the recently announced SimCity game that will launch sometime in 2013.

Fact or Fiction?

So, why are we jumping to the SimCity conclusion? Well, it seems that Electronic Arts have registered quite a few “SimCity” URLs, such as, and There’s also a Facebook page set up to redirect visitors back to their homepage. That URL is

Probably much more convincing is that EA subsidiary Playfish have registered a Facebook App called “SimCity Social”, as found on website SimsVIP.

It looks pretty cut and dry – and EA Games aren’t exactly known for throwing out curve balls. We’ll see how it eventuates in exactly a month from now!

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