Another day, another Wii U rumour. This one comes from fan website WiiUDaily and claims to provide more details on the consoles much speculated CPU.

The source is “Japanese” but other than that, no details were given as to where these rumours came from. The report claims that Wii U will run off IBM’s CPU that’s based on their POWER7 architecture – something that was actually revealed by Nintendo and IBM last year (actually, no one said “POWER7” specifically, but there were signs pointing to it).

The new bit on this is that the CPU will be “built on 45nm”, is modeled after the 710 Express IBM server processor which has 6 cores and speeds of up to 3.7GHz. But Nintendo have apparently “scaled down” the processor to save on costs and thus the Wii U version will feature 4 cores and will clock at 3GHz.

And before you run away from the geek-speak, a percentage was provided! If this rumour is to be believed, it would make the Wii U “50% more powerful than current gen systems”. Whatever that means.

Fact or Fiction?

WiiUDaily posted a list of specifications in the past and are claiming that the source of this rumour is the same source for the previous leak.

Of course, that leak was flawed as it claimed the disc drive would be “based on Blu-Ray”, which means either Nintendo are paying Sony for every game sold (a model we highly doubt), or Nintendo are stealing patented technology (which we also doubt).

So are we willing to take this news about the processor as truth? Well, it could be an educated guess at best, and just “filling in the blanks” at worst. Nintendo aren’t ones to brag about their console specifications, as we’ve seen in the past the hardware doesn’t always make the game, so we might have to wait for a tear down report to see if this is 100% accurate.

Luckily, developers should be able to start talking about their Wii U games from next week on, so we might get some real information that way. We’re calling “baseless” on this rumour though, since there’s no real source provided.

Thanks to our Facebook fans for the heads up!

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