A lot of rumours have been swirling around about Microsoft’s next video game console. Hardware specifications is a recurring theme, and a new rumour suggests the new console will pack a 16-Core processor.

This one apparently came from magazine “Xbox World” but was first reported online by “CVG“. Apparently, developers are recieving the new Xbox 720 (apparently code-named “Durango”) development kits – which are really just powerful PC’s with hardware that will probably end up matching the final console’s power.

In those kits lie a powerful 16-Core processor, according to the rumour. The kits also contain a graphics card that is similar to the power contained in AMD’s latest Radeon HD 7000-series cards.

Fact or Fiction?

16-cores is an extreme amount of power. It’s too much power – sure, the future is a wondrous thing, but a 16-core video game console would likely be so expensive that no one would ever buy it.

However, that doesn’t mean that the development kits can’t contain such power. While unlikely, it is possible that these kits are built up with extra CPU power so that developers can run all their processes without having to compromise. Especially if development kits are being released a couple of years before the console is released – this way, developers can make their games while Microsoft works on the console’s final specs which should lead to a robust launch lineup whenever this thing comes out.

The problem with the rumour, though, is there’s too many “if’s”, and sadly no concrete people to link it all to. Not one source was even mentioned, other than the Xbox World magazine – CVG didn’t even bother to type “according to people close to the matter”.

Our assumption is that we wont really hear much about any new Xbox console until the current console’s sales die off – and considering the Xbox 360 hasn’t been more popular than it is right now, and the fact that Microsoft keeps adding new features to the 360, it’s almost safe to say that a new console wont really come out until 2014.

Which, in the video game world, is a long time to wait – and way too much time to spend speculating about the next generation.

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